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Sunday, March 30, 2003

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find related articles. powered by google. Bio-IT World Xserve and iPod simplify cluster setup

"iNquiry combines the technology The BioTeam developed for Texas A&M into a system that other bioscientists can use to create their own Xserve clusters in a matter of minutes instead of weeks, according to Van Etten. The secret is another Apple product -- the iPod.

Wholly self-contained in about 2GB of storage space on the iPod, iNquiry uses a Perl-based script that's controlled through a simple graphical configuration utility. The user tells the configuration utility how to configure the Xserve cluster, how many nodes it has, how the network is configured, and how to use the individual drive bays in each Xserve."

redux [01.16.03]
find related articles. powered by google. Infoworld Now playing: The human genome

"LIFE SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY is about as cutting-edge as it gets, but now it's apparently also hip. At least that's the image projected by University of New Hampshire researcher Will Gilbert, who has taken to carrying around the human genome on his Apple Computer iPod."

"Gilbert recalls the story of Nobel Prize winner Walter Gilbert -- no relation -- who, during a speech at Harvard in the late '80s, held up a CD-ROM and said, "One day you will be carrying the genome around on this." Actually, the iPod-touting Gilbert notes, it turned out to be an MP3 player."

redux [11.06.02]
find related articles. powered by google. Wired News Beyond MP3s: iPod Holds Genome

"While it sounds neat to put the human genome on a hip-looking device people more commonly use to crank out Mos Def tunes, some researchers say using it to store the blueprint for humankind is not entirely practical."

""If you're walking back and forth (to transfer data) that's not good," said Richard Gibbs, director of the human genome sequencing center at Baylor College of Medicine. "It's often tempting to do that because of bandwidth, but the smart thing to do is make sure you have the proper infrastructure to (transfer data).""

redux [10.29.02]
find related articles. powered by google. Apple: Pro/Science Performing Feats of Bioinfomagic

"Dr. Will Gilbert likes to carry the human genome around on his iPod. It's the easiest way, he says, to transfer the genome -- 3 billion chemical "letters" that make up a person's genetic code, or DNA -- to the computers of other researchers at the Hubbard Center for Genome Studies at the University of New Hampshire.

Gilbert had set up a research project involving the human genome on his Power Mac, using the Apple/Genentech version of BLAST. A breakthrough implementation of the popular bioinformatics tool from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), A/G BLAST conducts high-speed DNA searches in biomedical research and drug discovery. "But," says Gilbert, "I wanted to run the project down the hall on another Mac. Rather than copy it across the network, I'd pull out my iPod. Plug it in, drag, drop, zip, boom, bang and walk it down the hall.""

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Bioinformatics will be at the core of biology in the 21st century. In fields ranging from structural biology to genomics to biomedical imaging, ready access to data and analytical tools are fundamentally changing the way investigators in the life sciences conduct research and approach problems. Complex, computationally intensive biological problems are now being addressed and promise to significantly advance our understanding of biology and medicine. No biological discipline will be unaffected by these technological breakthroughs.


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