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Monday, April 22, 2002

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find related articles. powered by google. The New York Times Celera Shifts Marketing of Database
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"The Celera Genomics Group is moving out of the business of selling the database it developed by sequencing the human genome, people close to the company said."

"The move, expected to be announced this morning, is the next step in Celera's shift from being an information vendor — the "Bloomberg of biology," company officials have called it — to being a drug developer. It will partially divorce the company from what has been its core business since it was founded in 1998 and raced the publicly funded Human Genome Project to determine the three billion letters of the human genetic code."

find related articles. powered by google. GenomeWeb Celera Appoints Ordoñez President; ABI to Distribute Discovery System

"Terms of the intra-corporate transaction call for Celera to give ABI exclusive marketing and distribution rights to the CDS, as well as access to its content, in exchange for a royalty stream on revenues to be generated by the new knowledge business. Celera will continue to earn revenue from current CDS customers, it said.

The move was made to "free Celera's executive team to focus on therapeutic discovery and development with the same access to this genomic and biological information it has presently while maximizing the return to Celera from its CDS product," Applera said."

find related articles. powered by google. Red Herring Bioinformatics provider DoubleTwist closed its doors in March.

"The failure is representative of the difficulty that bioinformatics startups are having in selling genomic information to pharmaceutical companies. Although the market for bioinformatics tools is estimated to be more than $1 billion, most of that money is being spent on in-house efforts at "big pharma," rather than on what smaller outfits have to offer."

"Others that built businesses around selling bioinformatics tools--like Celera Genomics and Incyte Genomics--realized the limitations of only selling tools and have already begun working on drug development."

redux [01.28.02]
find related articles. powered by google. The Washington Post Celera Changed, Venter Couldn't

"As all that was happening, people who know him say, White, Venter's boss, was getting grumpy. He well knew that Celera, under its original business plan, could not deliver long-range earnings growth that would justify what the market was paying for Celera shares. One top genetic scientist said White snapped to him in the midst of the publicity barrage, "'This is all nice, but we need a business plan.'"

They quickly came to the same conclusion as many minds before them: In biology and medicine, the only business plan that offers the potential of extraordinary profits is drug development. All the biotechnology superstars have been companies with hit drugs."

redux [06.09.00]
find related articles. powered by google. Forbes Celera's Worth Still Up In The Air

"Great discoveries do not necessarily make great businesses. Businesses have to sell something. Celera Genomics doesn't sell or make anything tangible. It hawks service and information. It sells access to lists of genes and computers that can sort through those messy lists. Samuel Broder, the company's executive vice president and chief medical officer, makes Celera sound like some kind of consulting company, or perhaps a library."

"Venter's quest could be a fable, with all sorts of morals about the power of capitalism and the importance of a single, brilliant, willful individual who used the market to shake the ivory towers of science. But those morals only hold if Celera succeeds, if business and science blend to propel the company into the future with breathtaking speed without rocketing it into the realities of the marketplace. Celera could become one of the great business success stories. It could also be a financial train wreck."

Right now, that makes it a very volatile stock."

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Bioinformatics will be at the core of biology in the 21st century. In fields ranging from structural biology to genomics to biomedical imaging, ready access to data and analytical tools are fundamentally changing the way investigators in the life sciences conduct research and approach problems. Complex, computationally intensive biological problems are now being addressed and promise to significantly advance our understanding of biology and medicine. No biological discipline will be unaffected by these technological breakthroughs.


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