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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

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find related articles. powered by google. BBC Gene bank to recruit soon

"A ground-breaking gene bank which will pool the DNA and medical histories of thousands of people in Britain plans to start recruiting volunteers in 18 months' time.

The controversial UK Biobank is an ambitious project designed to produce a mass database to help in tackling many diseases such as cancer, heart disease and Parkinson's."

redux [03.10.03]
find related articles. powered by google. Salon National Genes, Inc.

"The newest resources "discovered" in Estonia are the genes of its 1.4 million citizens. The country's government and a Silicon Valley start-up called EGeen International are treating the Estonian gene pool as a commodity to be exploited for medical research and profit.

EGeen owns the exclusive commercial rights to data from the Estonian Gene Bank Project. In March the bank will begin a full-scale effort to collect blood samples and medical histories that will help scientists understand Estonians from the inside out."

redux [04.29.02]
find related articles. powered by google. BBC Millions ploughed into 'gene bank'

"The genetic details of 500,000 people are to be collected and stored in a central UK pool, following the approval of #45m in funding.

It is hoped the pioneering "biobank" scheme will provide valuable information to help fight illness and disease."

redux [09.02.00]
find related articles. powered by google. NPR : All Things Considered Tissue Banks

"Robert talks with Barry Eisenstein M.D., Vice President of Science and Technology for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, about his hospital's participation in creating an international tissue bank. They will be asking patients for permission to sell tissue left over from surgery. The tissue will be used by scientists worldwide for genetic research."

redux [05.15.00]
find related articles. powered by google. The New York Times Who Owns Your Genes?
[requires 'free' registration]

""I just wanted to do something good," Mr. Fuchs said. "But once money came into the picture, why not have it be shared with me?"

These days more and more patients are asking the same question. Laboratories offer tests for more than 700 human genes, with more being discovered almost daily. And, for almost every gene, some medical institution or some company owns a patent on its use.

"The value of patients' tissues has potentially gone up enormously," said Dr. Barry Eisenstein, the vice president for science and technology at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. But, Dr. Eisenstein said, patients whose cells provided the genes that have been patented are almost never compensated."

redux [10.02.00]
find related articles. powered by google. British Medical Journal US hospitals to ask patients for right to sell their tissue

"Several academic hospitals in the United States are forming partnerships with biotechnology companies to provide them with human tissue for research, treatment, and drug development purposes, in a series of arrangements which raise wide legal and ethical issues."

"Clearly, a bank of human tissues is needed to enable further research, diagnosis, and therapeutic development. The ability to relate the molecular findings of the human genome project to clinically relevant material and data is dependent on ventures such as those of Ardais and academic centres.

The bioethical questions and repercussions of these partnerships, however, continue to be problematic."

redux [05.11.01]
find related articles. powered by google. BioMedNet "Failure of integrity" over data protection threatens disease monitoring
[requires 'free' registration]

"Guidelines on patient confidentiality could undermine medical research, with lethal consequences, said one of the world's leading epidemiologists today. "By making [patient] records anonymous, so even bona fide medical researchers cannot access them, [the guidelines] will cause many deaths," insisted Richard Peto, co-director of the Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit at the University of Oxford. "It's not beneficial to anyone.""

"Peto was highlighting concern about the threat to the UK's patient registries, which monitor disease, from heart conditions to cancer. The registries link identifiable data from numerous sources, and feed the information to researchers."

redux [02.17.01]
find related articles. powered by google. The Scientist Gene Pool Expeditions
[requires 'free' registration]

"A good gene pool, like love, is where you find it. Now genomics researchers have two new ones to swoon over: one from Estonia, a crossroads of Scandinavian cultures and the northernmost of the former Soviet Union's Baltic republics; and from Tonga, an island kingdom half a world away where a Polynesian people has lived in near-perfect isolation for close to 3,500 years. Tonga and Estonia laid final plans last November and December, respectively, for national gene pool exploration programs aimed at discovering disease-associated genes and developing therapies based on the discoveries.

They follow the trail blazed by Iceland, where for several years the gene pool of 275,000 Icelanders has been the fishing preserve of Reykjavik-based deCODE Genetics which is hunting for gene variants that affect serious, often chronic diseases by finding statistical links between Icelanders' genotypes and their inherited illnesses."

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Bioinformatics will be at the core of biology in the 21st century. In fields ranging from structural biology to genomics to biomedical imaging, ready access to data and analytical tools are fundamentally changing the way investigators in the life sciences conduct research and approach problems. Complex, computationally intensive biological problems are now being addressed and promise to significantly advance our understanding of biology and medicine. No biological discipline will be unaffected by these technological breakthroughs.


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